Our Mission

simplify the way homes are sold and invested in

About Us

We believe that the greatest transfer of wealth is happening from one generation to the next. Our belief is that this wealth finds the majority of its value in single-family homes and that the next generation of Americans need a simple way to invest in this wealth transfer. We take pride in being a company that understands these facts and over the past 4 years we have taken countless steps to nurture relationships with the owners of this newfound wealth and those seeking to invest in them

We aim to understand seller’s individual goals, the present market conditions, and any opposition they might face while selling a home. Our aim is to empower sellers and investors with useful tools and information that are essential to maximizing returns on their assets. Helping our clients reach their goals forms the basis of our mission at Toffi.

We offers home sellers with numerous creative options because of the many choices they have as sellers in today's market. We also offer investment opportunities through our crowd-funding platform to our community of investors to earn typical returns of 10-15% every 6-12 months, which surpasses many other investment vehicles.

Our approach to purchasing homes offers enhanced control and value to sellers and investors. We make selling, an otherwise daunting and challenging period, easier and hassle-free. Through our services, we aim to nurture a community of sellers and investors where everyone succeeds together.